Dredmor : UI art tweaking

I should probably write an intro to what-is-Dredmor for this blog, but … it is what it is. But okay: it’s a somewhat roguelike game that I’ve been working on with a couple guys from Victoria for way too long. We’re called Gaslamp Games. We hope to get the game finished ASAP. I have no idea if it is something anyone is going to be interested in paying actual money for, but I’m hoping that it is weird enough to make an impression with whoever it is one is meant to make impressions on.

I’m doing the art for the game (being that I’m an artist), though — to make it more interesting? — I came to this project last October with the art direction mostly set and the animated sprites already complete. I’ve redone all the tilesets, item sprites, and UI, making what difference I can. These screenshots are some UI finalization and polishing, along with a new feature or two; I’ll discuss what’s going on in each.

On this screen the player chooses seven skills to make their character. (The skill pictures are cute aren’t they? I had fun.) Little changed here but for the UI receiving some polish to replace rough layout-boxes with in-theme parchment and stone. And, if you like, here are some earlier shots of the same screen:

Then you choose your name. This screen could use Back and Done buttons and the text could be centered, but it’s looking to be almost there. And here particularly you can see the background painting I had a lot of fun drawing. It’s typical me painting: strong colors and thick, dark blacks.

Finally our hero appears in-game! A comparison to some posts I made on my GameDev journal will show how far things have come.

A note on the life/mana bars: I had quantized the life and mana as hearts and stars, respectively, so that the player could keep easy track of how they were faring. Problem is, the game does not count life in units from one to nine — it’s really some crazy number that changes based on your level and other factors, so what the bar shows is what percent of your total hitpoints you have. It’s more appropriate as a continuous meter than a line of icons.

There’s also a Doom-style animated portrait in the bottom-center (which needs to have its art finalized). I always thought that character’s face in Doom was charming when he gave that big grin after finding the shotgun and I felt all icky when he was hurt and dripping blood everywhere. So my thought was that we could make the character come to life a bit more, connect more with the player of the game, if he had a little emotive face that could react to the gameplay.

I don’t know when Dredmor is going to come out, but I’ll definitely be shilling for it more with nice pictures before release.

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