Gaslamp Games : Sweet Legitimation

As of January 28, Gaslamp Games is a real business entity with ownership shared between three partners, of which I am one. We have some things brewing and some income looking near certain in the near future. And we’re not beholden to anyone but ourselves because we’re crazy like that.

This is the feeling of legitimation.

All these years and years of throwing my time into a hole: planning System Shock 3 in English class in highschool (“This isn’t art class!”), filling sketchbooks with tile designs through college (and coding a few of them over some obsessive months), developing technique over two occasionally painful and generally poor years of freelance work; and I remember years and years ago having this vision in my head of what I wanted a particular computer game to be, after dreaming about it, when I was 11 or 12. Then drawing games out on whiteboards and running them for my friends — strategy games on world maps, fantasy magic adventure games on landscapes, space combat games with a series of whiteboards showing the ship view, the galaxy map, the battle map. (If I’d known what D&D was at the time, you can bet I’d have been all over making little worlds in it.)

It is all coming together now.

No one ever told me outright that games weren’t a serious business, but I always preempted such doubts myself, I think. I remember one night a couple years ago seriously considering giving it up, just getting a “real” job, regular work and stable income, to get on with the sort of life everyone expects a person to make for himself. I’m glad I didn’t. I cannot express how much I love the idea of managing to earn a living from my creative work, and at that, to have have creative control in said work.

We’ve made this a real thing for ourselves, not just (ha) a game. It’s going to be great.

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