Dredmor : Story Paintings

I’ve finally got myself around to polishing up the Dredmor narrative introduction paintings. I wrote the text, even. (A renaissance man stands before you!)  My intention is to keep the story working in rough archetypes without those boring details that no one cares about while implying at least a little of a world outside of the game along with a touch of self-reflective silliness. Yes, everyone has heard this setup a million times.

They work be hard at Gaslamp.

With the paintings, it feels like I’m almost going for something like Frank Frazetta, what with the dramatic colored lighting and dark shadows — but with a lot less leather bikinis and muscly barbarians, though it’s not too late to change that. (I’ll keep you posted on whether the previous sentence boosts readership.) I’m remembering now, actually, that sort of over-the-top fantasy painting came up when we spoke over a year ago of the direction to take the various Dredmor background and story images.

It makes sense: Frazetta’s work is so ridiculous that it’s awesome and “So ridiculous that it’s awesome” is exactly the ideal design philosophy of Dungeons of Dredmor. (Though my treacherous heart is filled with doubt about the prospects for success; It’s full of crazy, yes, but is that something people will accept or is it too indulgent, silly, abstract, personal? Time tells.)

Click to view at full size.

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