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Much of my blogging energy has been going toward writing Important Weekly Updates to the new Gaslamp Games blog. Yes, much of these updates consist of complaining and making sassy comments about our lead programmer, but the whole team is writing posts regularly so perhaps it’s interesting enough to check out, and I encourage you to do so.

Our illustrious lead programmer got the idea for this blog-as-marketing from how Wolfire Games does their thing. What he fails to realize is that what Wolfire has going for them that we do not is that they have furries. Furry fans are, ahem, rabid.

My posts on the Gaslamp Blog thus far:

Conflict Resolution; Tools for all people
In which I post the comic I posted in my previous entry here then complain about software with bad UI design. Also made fun of where the lead programmer lives.

Herding Art
In which I complain about having to art-direct a project after five previous artists have had their way. Also made fun of the lead programmer’s art skill.

Its an Eyebrow Thing
In which I talk about drawing the Dungeons of Dredmor hero character’s eyebrows and manage not to complain about our leader programmer, but rather about how the best sprite artist we had was sucked into a vortex named Blizzard so we’ll never get a sprite out of him ever, ever again.

As for posting here, and on my journal, I’ll probably do some combination of linking from blog to blog, cheaply recycling content, and adapting posts from one place to another with a slightly different angle. Or something.

It’s a bloody pain trying to run three blogs, though I appreciate the social-guilt enforced update schedule of the Gaslamp blog. I’ll just have to stew this problem in the ol’ think-pot.

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