Portfolio Website Revisionism

I’ve re-done my portfolio site a good bit, have a look if you like.

(Or click the picture below, it’s much easier to hit with your mouse-pointer.)

CSS vs. Tables

I’ve purged tables from my site and replaced them with CSS magic. You can all stop cringing.
And I daresay, CSS can really be a delight to use. I intend to completely redo the design of my site (yeah, yeah, when I get around to it), at which point I’ll try to be much craftier with CSS. What I’ve got here is largely an adaptation of old, messy code worked over not to make a new design, but only to make it less painful to look at both in-browser and in-editor.

Page Titles

Previously I had the title of each page typed out at the top of each page in a header tag, but my graphic designer Gee Eff pointed out that the link text in the link bar at the top could function as a page’s title if it were highlighted. This far more elegant solution eliminates unnecessarily repeated information.

The “About” page

The top bar of links currently has had four entries: “About, Contact, CV/Resume, Gallery”. I’ll face the hard truth and admit that no one really cares about me personally when they look at my portfolio — and it’s a weak entry point to the page (as it is the index of the “portfolio” folder). So I think the best answer would be the combine the “about me” section with the “contact” section and make it as simple as possible with a combined pitch, distinctive photo, and the all-important email link.

This felt like such a good idea that I interrupted writing this post to do up a new combined version of the about/contact page.

Most important of all on there, I threw some random art from personal projects around the periphery. If you’ve made it that far, you need a reason to stick around and click links in my portfolio; Hopefully the surrounding pictures make a compelling argument.

I’ve still got to find a picture of me that doesn’t look like a sparkly emo vampire.


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